The Angels in the Outfield is a non profit organization seeking to brighten the lives of children who have been impacted by crime or child abuse.

Our mission is to promote healing, happiness, and safety of children through the generosity of our contributors. The services provided to each child will be determined on a case-by-case basis dependent upon each child's specific needs.
1,000 lives brightened in 2016!
Hello Angels fans,

During 2016, you referred a child to Angels in the Outfield for support and you've seen first-hand the difference we make in children's lives. What started as making a difference for one child who was a victim of a horrific crime seven years ago has grown beyond what anyone could believe. We are approaching a major milestone in our history:

1,000 lives brightened in 2016!

Making a difference takes caring and a big heart.
Making a difference takes time.
And making a difference takes funding.

Now we're asking for your help. You have a story you can tell about Angels in the Outfield. You have friends, family, and fool-hearty strangers who have heard it already or you want to hear it. Share your story and ask those around you to support an all-volunteer organization that brightens the lives of local children who faced the unfortunate reality of being victims of crime or abuse.

Please join our walk on Sunday, September 25th. And have 10 friends come with you. If you can't attend because you're busy, we understand. You might be so busy that you won't have time to buy your morning cup of coffee on Sunday and you can donate that $3 to angels instead. See the link below to register or donate. Your support will help us to continue brightening children's lives!

Sunday, September 25, 2016 is the Healing Hearts fun run/walk (10k or 5k) at Clackamas Community College. This event benefits Angels in the Outfield and Social Services of Clackamas County. Create a team of 4 and save on registration cost and enter a chance to win 2 section 206 Blazer tickets.

All participants get a t shirt and a medal. Fun games and activities planned.

Registration happening right now! DON'T WAIT! Click here to register.

Want to help? Please let Julie Peters (juliekpeters@gmail.com) and Josh Henle (josh.henle@gmail.com). know if you would be interested in volunteering for these events.


Angels in the Outfield was one of the 2014 Small Grants Program recipients from Clackamas County.

The Angels in the Outfield Founder's Video